Calculating the project’s duration, cost of completion, materials required as well as the labour charges before the commencement of the project are the basic rules, we follow to provide our customers with the best service. This estimate is often submitted as a bid on a project, serves as a scheduling and budget guideline to proceed with the project. Regular supervision of the project will make sure that the project is running under safety regulations and provide a quality service as well as to meet the project deadlines. We also will send regular reports on the project to keep our customers updated with the ongoing project. The ALPS is well trained in Installations, modification, repairs, and maintenance of power and lighting systems. Reading blueprints to terminate cables, install the required software and troubleshoots control wiring from drawings. The ALPS have completed various projects and holds a strong client base. Safety and quality are the prime focus to complete the projects.

  • Commercials and Industrial electrical projects
  • Electrical panel Erection and commissioning
  • Earthing products
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Annual maintenance contractor (AMC) electrical
  • Electrical Automation

Commercials and Industrial electrical projects

  • Preparing a detailed estimation of the project with GFC and as built drawings
  • Work shall be incorporated as per IE rules.
  • Erection of Transformers, HT panels and LT Panels with Bus bar ducting and earthing
  • Power and lighting works for the building work stations, hub room server room, BMS room and Segregation as LDB, RDB,UPSDB,VAV DB as per industrial requirement
  • Cable works with proper Raceways/cable trays or conducting with proper earthing
  • Proper testing and handover to clients' with test, service and work completion reports
  • Feeder Pillar erection Installation and commissioning
  • Erection, Installation and commissioning of RMU
  • Erection, Installation and commissioning of transformers
  • External Activity.
  • Cable Works
  • Meter Panel Fixing
  • Street Lightings
  • Substation and DG Works
  • Earthing Works

Electrical Panel Erection and Commissioning

With the help of our qualified project engineers, we also undertake projects like erection, commissioning, rehabilitation, etc. We are Govt. approved Electrical Contractors in Tamil Nadu


  • Excellent Design
  • Good Quality
  • Neat Dressing

Earthing Products

What is the term Earthing?

In electrical terms earthing is most commonly known as a grounding and the most important feature to make things safe. The ground refers to a system designed to protect electrical wires and components from damage caused by sudden electrical power surges. Its main purpose is to reduce the risk of dangerous electrical shocks from uninsulated metal parts of an appliance or any electrical device. Earthing systems also prevent end-users from electrical shocks in the event of a short circuit caused in the device.

Basic Needs of Earthing:

  • To protect human lives as well as provide safety to electrical devices and appliances from leakage current.
  • To keep voltage as constant in the healthy phase (If a fault occurs on any one phase).
  • To protect electric system and buildings form lighting.
  • To serve as a return conductor in electric traction system and communication.
  • To avoid the risk of fire in electrical installation systems

Type of Earthing:

  • Pipe Earthing
  • Plate Earthing

Pipe Earthing:

A galvanized steel and a perforated pipe of approved length and diameter are placed vertically in wet soil in this kind of system of earthing. It is the most common system of earthing. The size of the pipe to use depends on the magnitude of the current and the type of soil. The dimension of the pipe is usually 40mm (1.5in) in diameter and 2.75m (9ft) in length for ordinary soil or greater for dry and rocky soil. The moisture of the soil will determine the length of the pipe to be buried under the ground. But usually, it should be 4.75m (15.5ft).

In grounding system, they have certain steps to follow the procedure, there are 3 layers have to follow in Earthing under the ground. They are Salt layer, Sand layer and Charcoal layer. The layers which help to contact Good conductivity from the earth. These ground layers method used for all the kind of Earthing.


It is mostly used for body earthing.

  • Residential areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install in good soils
  • Hardware readily available
  • High impedance
  • Hard to install in rocky soil
  • Step voltage on earth surface can be high under large fault currents or during a direct lightning strike.

Plate Earthing:

Plate earthing is making provision of earth potential in-ground soil to drop fault current or excess current to prevent from electrical damages. It is the assembly of metal (hot-dipped galvanized iron or copper) square plate of few mm thickness as per require application with a hole provided on which earth strip is connected and a funnel attached for maintenance of earthing to keep low ground potential.

In plate earthing system, a plate made up of either copper with dimensions 60cm x 60cm x 3.18mm (i.e., 2ft x 2ft x 1/8 in) or galvanized iron (GI) of dimensions 60cm x 60cm x 6.35 mm (2ft x 2ft x ¼ in) is buried vertical in the earth (earth pit) which should not be less than 3m (10ft) from the ground level.

In grounding system is same as the Pipe Earthing, there are 3 layers have to follow in Earthing under the ground. They are Salt layer, Sand layer and Charcoal layer. The layers which help to contact Good conductivity from the earth. These ground layers method used for all the kind of Earthing.


It is mostly used for Neutral Earthing.

  • Industrial areas
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • UPS
  • Can achieve low resistance contact in limited area easy to install in good soils
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Most difficult to install
  • Should be installed vertically

Lightning Arrestor

A lightning arrester is a device used on electrical power systems and telecommunications systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge (or very similar switching surge) travels along the power line to the arrester, the current from the surge is diverted through the arrestor, in most cases to earth.


  • High discharge capacity, owning CE certificate.
  • Low voltage protection level
  • High speed response
  • Easy for mounting ,apply in IT/TT/TN system
  • Mounting with standard modularize
  • Operating state indicator
  • Inner over-thermal breaker
  • Remote control interface
  • Must be connected in series in a space- and cost-saving way up to nominal current 125A or REP-FB-1

ESE Lightning Arrestor for Earthing System

We offer E.S.E. lightning arrestor for the earthing system, which protects structures such as high-rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning and transmitting their current to the ground. JMV E.S.E lightning protection manufacturers offer value to client owing to their good performance in toughest conditions. The E.S.E. lightening arrestors are made from best quality material that assures not only safety and improved performance. We offer lightning protection arrestors for home, office, building etc at industry leading prices and within very less lead time.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of lightning arrestor for an earthing system made of supreme quality raw material.

Principle of operation:

The function of the E.S.E lightning air terminal consists of emitting ascending electrical unloading to influence the effect of the descendant tracer.

The range of ESE Lightning Protection Systems offered by us have high efficiency and drastically reduce the risk associated with lightning. We manufacture our products E.S.E lightning protector with the use of an alloy of high quality that is acquired from trusted vendors of the market.

ESE Lightning Protector Advantages

  • Very low dispersion performance, with respect for each standard deviation
  • σ(M30)=32 μs, σ(M45)=19 μs, σ(M60)=18 μs
  • Works according to lighting spectrum frequency (0 à 10MHz)
  • Is not sensitive to bad weather thanks to its internal spark gap
  • Tested in the ampere laboratory at the CNRS in Lyon
  • Two spark gaps devices with dimensions enabling them to be used whatever the weather conditions (rain, snow, hail,etc)
  • No electronic parts => No energy consumption
  • Electrostatic activation of the streamer emission when the electromagnetic earth field gets larger.
  • No fragile components => Stainless steel metal parts
  • Always works at optimum level after 2 series of tests with 7 lightning strikes in normalized wave 10/350 μs at100kA (in positive and negative polarity)
  • The Eco-conception of ESE based air terminal respects the environment. Its carbon footprint established in 2009 is excellent. Patented technology
  • 5-years Guarantee
  • Life duration > 50 years Advantages
  • Capture, brackets and fastening systems conform to standard NFC 17-102 et UNE 21- 186
  • Capture device conform to standard EN 50164, as prescribed in the standard series
  • EN/CEI 62305


The application of the Lightning Protection System to provide the highest levels of lightning protection for buildings from lightning. Based upon individual site parameters, such as structure dimensions, terminal type and protection level, each Lightning Protection System design is customized for the project and provides elevation, 3D and plan views resulting in specific designs optimized for your facility.

Annual maintenance contractor (AMC) electrical


  • Non Comprehensive AMC
  • 52 Week PM Schedules will be carried out and quarterly inspection of equipments will be ensured with reports

Attending break down calls within 2 hours and troubleshooting within 4 hours, another power source will be ensured n this time.

  • AMC will be only for all panels, transformers and DB’s
  • Servicing of air circuit breakers
  • Transformer oil filtrations
  • Thermography checking
  • Meter calibration
  • Earth pit checking

Electrical Automation

Why Electrical Automation?

Electrical automation allows for easy-to-operate electricity timers. Control when and for precisely how long to leave on the lights, keep on the heat, and run appliances. Keypad/Data/Voice Control: Enhance safety and security with a variety of fully automated and -customizable solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Automation?

  • Save Energy: With quantified electrical automation it is easy to see where and when you can cut energy usage.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Electrical automation allows for easy-to-operate electricity timers. Control when and for precisely how long to leave on the lights, keep on the heat, and run appliances.
  • Keypad/Data/Voice Control: Enhance safety and security with a variety of fully automated and -customizable solutions.
  • Quantifiable Metrics: Eliminate guesswork. Know how much energy is being used where and when.